A Fresh Look


I spent a number of years restoring many historically-sensitive Period houses and light commercial properties as my primary livelihood without succumbing to the hysterics of Historic Restoration. My goal was always to simply craft a fully-functional and code-compliant residence or business property while retaining as much of the structure’s original intrinsic ambience as possible in the process.


While I have deep roots in Central Pennsylvania, I’ve lived and worked in Pittsburgh for over 20 years. it would be difficult to travel anywhere in the Burgh without seeing some of my craftsmanship. However, like all things in life, even to Life itself, change must come.


I I’ve recently charted a new career direction using my successful  business, technology and professional sales expertise to assist others. While I will always have a very special place in my heart and life for solid craftsmanship, my professional interests have expanded to include the entire universe of effective business communications; inbound prospecting, interactive marketing, online sales, lifetime client retention and, most especially, integrating and utilizing the performance enhancements of new technology. I’ve always embraced proven new technology in my own life and work and created solid value as a result.


I’d love to help others do the same


Computers, flat screens and smart phones seem to have taken over our very lives. Things such as dictating texts with speech recognition and accurate GPS-guided driving directions have become indispensable. Firms now rely on their websites as business cards and online shopping has begun to surpass the dollars spent in many brick-and-mortar stores.


My brother Bobby lives near Philadelphia and tells me his associates and coworkers call Pittsburgh “The Land That Time Forgot”. I personally don’t subscribe to that view but there is something to be said for Rick Sebak’s wistful memories and ‘how it used to be’ videos. Thankfully there are still quite a few exquisite old houses remaining in our city to remind us of earlier times. I always wax nostalgic when I see a restored structure, still flaunting its Period charm, nestled in amongst the modern mid-rises.