The Great Race


 Sunday's Daytona 500 was a predictably wreck-marred ad-fest for the Fox network, although one spot prefaced by Old DW (Darrell Waltrip) as a short message was refreshingly brief. The 5-second spot for Duracell batteries was the only ad of the entire race uniquely-memorable enough to allow the sponsor's name to be recalled later.

Nielsen reviewers, please take note!


In Saturday's jalopy support race of the week at DC's Beltway Bullring, the furious 'cover your butt' activities following the Russian indictments speak for themselves and are quite reminiscent of the scrum observed when you pour hot grease from a chicken fryer down the hole of a fire ant mound after your outdoor picnic. (It's a Southern thing) You go, Big Guy!


2018  Will Eberle